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  • Cami on 2017-May-07 15:24:19 Cami said

    oh dear...I guess the gun I'm holding to gerard's head so that he is forced to read this post was too obuRvos...ieally, g, can't you tell by the first paragraph if it's something you want to read? And if it isn't something you want to read, then the scroll bar is your friend.Or that "X" in the upper right hand corner works well, too.I promise not to read your posts if you promise not to read mine.Puh-lease...
  • Steffie on 2017-May-08 03:21:07 Steffie said

    Why does this have to be the ONLY <a href="">reiablle</a> source? Oh well, gj!
  • Keischa on 2017-May-10 06:06:44 Keischa said

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